• ・Driver’s License
    Either any of Domestic driver’s license, an International driver’s license or Guam’s driver’s license is required and drivers have to be at least 21 years old.
    Please prepare the driver’s licenses of all drivers.
  • ・Passport
    Passports of all drivers are necessary.
  • ・Credit card*

*It would be preferable to use the contract holder’s credit card. In case of using another    credit card, it will be required for the credit card holder to present a valid identification document such as passport for verification.

Please use a credit card or debit card for payment on departure.
We also request a deposit. (The deposit will be cancelled if there are no additional charges when returning the car.)
Please sign the Rental Agreement* prepared at the shop.
Please be sure to check the condition of the car (scratches and dents, etc.) with the shop staff.
*The above agreement is available online, but also be prepared at the shop. Please be sure to check the contents of the agreement again at the shop since they may have been updated.

Three options for car pickup are available for your convenience.

  • 1) Pickup Right Away After Arrival at Airport (Available for 24 hours)
    Please input the accurate arrival flight number in the online booking form. The shop staff will be waiting for you at the East Arrival Lobby of the airport in accordance of the flight status and give you a ride to Airport Shop. You may budget an hour after the estimated time of arrival of your flight to schedule your pickup time, as it usually takes roughly an hour for Immigration procedure and luggage pickup. The rental fee will be charged based on the actual pickup time, which will not include the hours of transportation between the airport and the shop.
  • 2) Guest Pickup at Hotel to Shop
    Please select the hotel where you are going to stay. The shop staff will pick you up at the requested hotel lobby at the scheduled time and give you a ride to the closest shop. The rental fee will be charged based on the actual pickup time, which will not include the hours of transportation between the hotel and the shop.
  • 3) Come to Shop for Pickup (No Transportation Service)
    Please come to the selected shop by yourself. No transportation service will be arranged in this case.
  • ・ Fuel cost is not included in the rental fee. Please fill fuel at your own cost while using the rented car. The fuel tank is full on departure, so please return the car with full fuel tank. If the fuel level is insufficient, we will charge you the predefined fee. For a one-way car return with insufficient fuel, we will charge the fuel cost to your credit card later.
  • ・ Please be sure to contact us if you cannot return the car within the original return date/time. Please note that delayed return without prior notice will not be covered by insurance and cost will be borne by the customer in case of an accident. Please note that late fees may be incurred.
  • ・ Please check the condition of the car with shop staff. Please note that we will charge for any repair fee if there are scratches or dents that were not there on departure. (In case of a single-vehicle accident, the insurance does not cover even if you are insured.)
  • ・ Please be careful not to leave anything inside when you return the car. The postal fee will be borne by you if we have to send your belongings back later.

Three options are available for your car return.

  • 1) Return at Airport Shop and Head to Airport Right Away (Available for 24 hours)
    Transportation service to the airport is available after car return at Airport Shop. Please return the car at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight.
  • 2) Key-in Return at Hotel
    • ・Key-in Return is available at $20. Please park the car at the parking area in the hotel with the key left inside of the dashboard.
      Excluding some specific hotels, Key-in Return at Hotel is not available for Hybrid Car Class and Lux SUV Car Class, due to its Smart Key System. For those who plan to rent either of the above mentioned, please return the car at either AK Main Shop or Airport Shop during its business hours.
      Please click here for the list of hotels where key-in return is available for all the car classes.
    • ・An extra charge will be made to the given credit card in case that fuel is not filled up its tank, or scratches or dents are found upon the car return.
  • 3) Return at Shop
    Please return the car at the selected shop.
    For inquiries of transportation service arrangement after car return, please contact us at admin@rentacar-guam.com
As some of our customers may have allergies to animals, pets are not allowed to ride in the car.
Please contact +1-671-648-8722 or +1-671-648-8724 (24 hours/English only) if you encounter any problems while driving.
Traffic Rules
Please be aware of the followings:
  • ・All vehicles have to stop when red lights flash on a school bus.
  • ・Center lane is for making a left turn only. It is not a passing lane.
  • ・Hotels, shopping centers and all commercial places have special parking spaces for disabled persons. Unauthorized vehicles may be penalized by the law.
  • ・Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited.
  • ・It is prohibited to use mobile phones while driving.
  • ・Observe all traffic laws, directions and signs at all times

*The renter shall be responsible for all parking/traffic fines and fees.

Traffic Signs
Print the Traffic Signs