=Important Note= Entry Control to Guam to be Further Restricted (as of 16 Mar 2020)


Since three cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Guam for the first time yesterday, Guam Government has deployed their individual entry control as follows;

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Restricting Entry into Guam
Effective immediately, non-resident travelers seeking entry into Guam who have spent a week or more in jurisdictions affected by COVID-19 will be subject to mandatory quarantine. The mandatory quarantine will be applied unless the traveler possesses a DPHSS recognized and certified document that attests he or she is not infected with COVID-19. Returning residents without the same certification will be subject to quarantine in their homes for a minimum of 14 days.
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JIC RELEASE NO. 3: Three Individuals Confirmed Positive for COVID-19

JIC RELEASE NO. 5. - Executive Order Provides Guidance for COVID-19 Response; What’s Open, What’s Closed

If you already have a booking of our car rental service and intend to cancel it due to the new regulation mentioned above, please kindly contact us at for assistance.

Appreciate your attention.