Free Shuttle Bus Service is Available for Guests!

TOYOTA Rent-A-Car in Guam provides transportation service to guests for free of charge.

 Route Pickup / Return  Time 
 Airport ⇔ Airport Shop Available both
for Pickup and Return
 24 hours 
 Any Hotel ⇒ Shop Basically only for Pickup 7:00am - 11:30pm
 ※Contact us for special arrangement needs

For example, your trip can be more flexible like the followings!

◆ Arriving at Guam Airport at very early morning when hotel's shuttle bus service is not available?  No worries!  Meet the shop staff at East Arrival Lobby in Guam Airport and head to the airport shop using TOYOTA Rent-A-Car's free shuttle bus.  You can even directly drive to East Coast of Guam Island to see the sunrise and its breathtaking view!

◆ On the final day of the Guam stay, check-out hotel early to go enjoy the final golf game in the morning.  Then drive back to Airport Shop for car return.  To the airport?  No worries!  We have a free shuttle bus service between the shop and the airport!!

Please select your preferable way for car pickup and return when you input the online booking form .
(You can make change later on, but please be reminded to budget certain for the rearrangement.)

In case your booking is made at a general rental car booking channel, we cannot confirm your transportation arrangement.
Please use this website to make a booking.